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What are Cookies

The website makes use of cookies. Cookies are small aggregates of text recorded on your computer for a limited duration and have the function of aiding web traffic statistics or reporting when a specific site or part of it is visited, distinguishing visitors from each other in order to provide personalized content, helping site administrators and the user's browsing experience. Through the use of cookies downloaded to your device, we cannot access any other information on it. Cookies cannot load code of any kind, carry viruses or malware, and are not harmful to your device.
Through the use of cookies downloaded to your device we cannot access any other information on it. Cookies cannot load codes of any kind, carry viruses or malware, and are not harmful to your device.


User Consent

By linking to any page of for the first time, the user will see a brief notice about the use of cookies appear. By closing that notice via the appropriate button or continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies in the manner described in this Cookie Policy. The accept button also allows you not to repropose the banner of the policy in subsequent connections made through the same terminal. However, the user always has the possibility to revoke all or part of the consent already expressed. For any technical problem related to the acceptance (provision of consent) of the use of cookies on this site, you can contact us through all means made available by the website.


What types of cookies we use

The website, whose owner is Giuseppe Colucci, based in Piazza Vittoria, 1 - 86046 San Martino in Pensilis (Italy), uses both persistent cookies (i.e. cookies that reside in memory until the user has manually deleted them or for which long-term removal is scheduled) and session cookies, which are not stored persistently on the user's computer and are automatically removed when the browser is closed. On the website we make use of 3 types of Cookies and below are details and directions on how to manage your preferences in this regard.



Session and persistent cookies

Cookies can expire at the end of a browser session (the period between the user opening a browser window and closing it) or they can be stored for a longer period of time. Session cookies are those that allow the website to link a user's actions during a browser session. Session cookies expire when the browser session ends. Persistent cookies are stored on a user's device between browser sessions, for varying periods of time, and allow a user's preferences or actions with respect to the website to be stored.


Technical and profiling cookies

Technical cookies are those used by the owner of a site for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network, or to the extent strictly necessary for the provider of an information society service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide such service. Prior consent of users is not required for the installation of such cookies where they are used directly by the site operator.


Profiling cookies are aimed at creating profiles related to the user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the same in the context of web browsing. Due to the particular invasiveness that such cookies can have within the private sphere of users, European and Italian regulations provide that the User must be adequately informed about the use of the same, by means of a brief information (banner) and an extended one present on the site, and that he/she must express his/her express consent in this regard the first time he/she visits the site. Such consent may be expressed in a general manner, by interacting with the short information banner on the landing page of the site, in the manner indicated in that banner, or it may be given or withheld selectively, in the manner indicated below. Of this consent, a record is kept on subsequent visits. However, the user always has the option of revoking all or part of the consent already given.



A cookie is either "first party" (so-called first party cookie) or "third party" (so-called third party cookie) based on the website or domain from which it originates.


First-party cookies are, in essence, cookies set and managed by the website owner. For these cookies, the obligation of information, acquisition of any prior consent and/or possible blocking of cookies lies with the site owner.


Third-party cookies are cookies set by a domain other than the one visited by the user. For these cookies, the obligation of the information and the indication of the way of possible consent and/or blocking of the cookies lies with the third party, while the site owner is only obliged to include on the site the link to the site of the third party where these elements are available.


An example of this are.

Statistical Cookies (Analytics)

These are used to collect information about how users navigate our site. This information is analyzed in aggregate form for statistical purposes only. These cookies are not necessary for the purposes of use and navigability, but they help the site managers/owners to offer better and better content and browsing experiences based on the results arising from the analysis of statistics. User consent is required to release this type of cookie. uses Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway - Mountain View - CA94043 USA, which makes use of cookies to collect and analyze in aggregate form information about users' browsing. Neither AZ S.p.A. nor Google associates your IP address with any other data in their possession to directly identify you. The information collected is processed by the Google Analytics systems for the purpose of producing reports for the administrators of, who use it to verify the proper functioning of the services and, if necessary, the rate of liking of the proposed content. If you would like more information on the policies applied by Google Inc. regarding data privacy you can click here; to disable statistical cookies thus preventing Google Analytics from collecting data on your browsing, you can download the appropriate component for disabling Google Analytics that you can find here:


Social Plugins and widgets (third-party)

Our web pages may contain plug-ins from popular social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+) operated by the third parties involved. Such plug-ins could, for example, correspond to Facebook's "Like" or Twitter's "Retweet" or Google+'s "+1" buttons. If you access one of our web pages that is equipped with such a plug-in, your Internet browser connects directly to the third parties' servers and the plug-in is displayed on your screen through your browser connection. The plug-in may tell the third-party servers which pages the user has visited. If a social network user visits our web pages while logged into their account, that information may be associated with the account. Even if you use the plug-in features (for example, clicking the "Like" button), the information will be associated with your account.


Device configuration

If you have concerns or disagree with the installation of cookies, you should configure your browser to block the receipt of cookies or not use this site. Disabling cookies, even partially, may, depending on the nature of the cookies disabled/removed, affect the proper functioning of the site. To change the way cookies are used (accept or reject all cookies or accept only those from, for example, specific sites), to block the receipt of cookies or even to delete cookies on your device, simply go into your browser settings (cookie configuration may vary from browser to browser).

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